• How do I estimate how much coaching time to buy?

    When we prepare for your call, our lawyers will know 1) what your questions are, and 2) how much detail they can provide based on the amount of time you purchased. We aim to provide answers to each question, keeping in mind the total amount of time available.

    Generally, if you have one question, a Quick Consult is a good way to start. The same applies if your concerns relate to court processes (how to address a judge in court, for example).

    If you have 3 or 4 questions, why not schedule a Coaching Call for 30 minutes? We may be able to provide enough detail based on 7 or 8 minutes per question. Perhaps one question will only require a few minutes, which will leave time for other questions and answers.

    Our 1-hour Enhanced Consult might apply if you need answers on preparing yourself for court, for example, or if you have a whole series of questions.

  • How do you process my payment?

    We send you an email with a link to a credit card form. You will sign it electronically and submit to us, or you can send us an e-transfer.

  • How secure is your online intake form?

    Our online form is completely confidential and encrypted. We know that you are giving us important personal and financial information. We do our utmost to protect your privacy.

    If you prefer to give us a paper version of the intake form, you may deliver it to us, or send it by fax, courier or Canada Post.

  • Are you bound by solicitor-client privilege, and will you keep the information I provide confidential?

    Yes. It is our professional responsibility to do so.

  • If I want to manage my own family law court case, how can I make the process smoother and get the best results possible?

    You must be well-prepared. You need to know all the steps in any process or proceeding you participate in. You may need to gather documents or prepare a brief to submit to the court.

    We think the best way to prepare yourself (if you don’t have time to go to law school) is to seek our advice.

    Our goal is to help you represent yourself in family law court, and in matters related to separation, divorce and child custody and support.

  • Why do you collect information about my income, assets and debts?

    Most answers to family law questions depend on your specific circumstances. One size does not fit all, so we need to gather financial information from you to guide how we answer. This information is also considered in your family law court case.

  • How can I make the most of our time on the call?

    Be prepared. Have your questions ready in front of you and written down. If your questions are clear, we can give you clear answers and be as efficient with your time as we can. Be in a place where you can talk with no background noises interrupting you. If possible, try to ensure there are no interruptions when you talk to us.

  • What if I have a whole list of questions? Do I schedule multiple calls?

    If you have a long list of questions, we suggest starting with a 60-minute Enhanced Consult. We will get through as many questions as we can on the call. If you’re happy with the level of support we’ve provided, and you have more questions, you can schedule a follow-up phone consult.

  • If I talk to you, are you now my lawyer and do you represent me?

    No. You represent yourself. We are not your lawyers – we are in the background supporting you and coaching you through the process -helping as you ask for. If you want a lawyer to represent you, you must retain them to do that. You are only hiring us for the time you pay for to answer your questions and coach you as needed. It’s called un-bundled legal service. Use of this site does not create a lawyer-client relationship. That only happens when you hire us. The information on this site is not legal advice.

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