Our commitment to you

Affordable fixed fees

You buy 15, 30 or 60 minutes of legal advice at a time.
We promise to answer your questions.

We focus on your needs

We only answer the questions that matter to you.

We promise not to upsell you or suggest legal services that will cost you more.

Our door is always open

If you have more questions, call us back.
We promise to be there for you.

Book a consult

Find out how we work and take a look at our questions & answers to learn more.

Your advantage with us

You keep control

We will not be “your lawyer” – we provide a lawyer-assist arrangement.

We do only the work you request while you continue representing yourself. We do not take action without your knowledge, and we never charge more than you say you want to pay for.

You keep complete control of your case.

Filling in forms

We can help you fill in your forms – or we can do them for you.

We can tell you what court forms you’re going to need and what needs to go in them. If you’ve started drafts we can finish them for you.

You keep control of your case – our name does not go on any of the forms.


We can give you the help you want – you choose how much legal help you need.

We can help you with what you need to keep your case moving.

You get the help you want with no strings attached, and always for a fixed fee.

Coaching for court

We can coach you if you need to know how to talk to a judge in court.

We can explain a proposal (called an Offer to Settle) from your spouse’s lawyer, and tell you how it will impact you.

You won’t see our name anywhere on your file and you keep the management of your case.

Help in court

We can be hired for a day to make your case if you are worried that speaking to a judge in court will be challenging.

We can help you face a Case Conference hearing or a Settlement Conference hearing if you need our guidance.

You can ask us to do as much – or as little – as you need.

How the law applies to you

We know the family court process and family law can be confusing.

We can explain how family law applies to your case and answer your questions, always for a fixed fee.

You can get the help you need to understand the issues you face and the options available to you.

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