April 4, 2022

Why is it a good idea to use an un-bundled lawyer?

In a nutshell, having an un-bundled lawyer helping you out will save you hours of trying to learn forms and the Court system. You have no retainer fees. You remain in control of your case. This is how it works:

First off, you need to understand that calling us is not like calling a regular full-service lawyer. There is no retainer and we do not represent you. You are only asking us specific questions and getting specific answers. Here is how it works and what your benefits are:

1. No Retainer

If you call a full-service lawyer, they will ask you to retain them to represent you. A retainer means the lawyer is your representative. A retainer typically means thousands of dollars out of your pocket right away to deposit with the lawyer and you give the lawyer authority to take actions in your case on your behalf. Retainers are deposits for legal fees and they go into a lawyer’s trust account. You essentially prepay the fees. The challenge for you is that you do not know how fast that retainer will disappear in legal time being spent and how much your overall cost will be.

In our service, you pick the time you want to use. If you want to spend only a half-hour of time, that’s all you pay for.

No hidden fees. No retainer at all.

2, You stay in control

At no point do we take control of your case. We do not represent you. We do not talk for you. We will not try to represent you or negotiate for you. That is not our role. You keep that control yourself. We are in the background for as much or as little as you need us. If you want coaching on how to manage court or how to respond to your spouse’s lawyer, we can coach you. We can even review the letter you may write to your spouse’s lawyer, but we will never take control. That is a promise.

3. You get targeted answers

We know family law in Ontario. We know the court forms and the court processes. We know the family law. You can spend hours trying to find this out or spend hours trying to research the law as it applies to your situation. You can save yourself hours of looking by asking us to answer your questions. We can drill down very quickly to your question and give you a clear concise answer. It then educates you, giving you the power to move ahead with your legal issues.

4. Low cost

Because you pay a fraction of the cost of a full retainer and full-service lawyer, you save money.

You pay only for the time you want. There are no limits on you, you can call us as little or as often as you like, but your money spent is in your control. If you just need a few simple answers, you do not have to pay thousands of dollars upfront to get those answers. Whatever your budget is, you can manage what you spend. There are no surprises in your bill.

5. Some help is better than no help

Law is not easy. There is a reason lawyers spend 3 years in law school. There is a lot to learn. When you have a separation or divorce happening, you are thrown into a legal situation and the process is not as straightforward as you may think. We can tell you that you are much more likely to be worse off if you have no legal help or information at all. You need someone in your corner to help you understand what the law is and what the process is.

Just give us a call to see what we can do to smooth the way for you.


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